15 Years After Lyle Stevik Died In An Apparent Suicide, New Information Could Prove This Mysterious Loner Was Not So Alone After All


Lyle Stevik was the picture of health, young, well-mannered. Thought we know almost nothing of his personal history, it is still strange that he would commit suicide and go to such great lengths to hide his identity. Click here to read the chilling story!


On September 15, 2001, a young man checked into an old motel in Amanda Park, Washington. He had no identification, but offered to pay cash. He wrote down his name, Lyle Stevik, and an address in Meridean, Idaho.

It was later discovered the address led to a Best Western hotel, and a search for Lyle Stevik turned up nothing. The closest find was Lyle Stevick in Oregon, there was no connection.

Lyle was checked into room 8 but after showering, asked to be moved away from the noise of the neighboring trailer park. At this second encounter, the manager noticed he seemed spaced out and creepy, but she gave him room 5 anyway.

Though Lyle had initially only checked in for one day, he decided to stay through Monday. He kept to himself and was only seen sitting on the porch and pacing the highway in front of the motel. No one else was seen with him, and he did not use the hotel phone.

On Saturday, the hotel maid, who is now the manager of the hotel, cleaned Lyle’s room. He was inside and chatted with her.

The next day, the maid returned, but Lyle only opened the door a crack and said it wouldn’t be necessary. She insisted on exchanging the trash bags.

Because Lyle was due to check out on Monday, the maid returned after check out time, expecting to find an empty room, especially because no one answered her courtesy knock. She used her passkey to enter and immediately saw Lyle kneeling in the room’s closet.

His back was facing her and he gave no indication to acknowledge the intrusion. She backed out and quickly left.

Though the maid told the hotel owner she thought Lyle was praying, she asked him to check things out. When the owner arrived, he found Lyle in the same position as the maid, but as he walked closer he saw even more.

Lyle was dead, his neck suspended by a belt tied to the closet bar. The police and medical examiner photographed Lyle in this position. He wore a gray t-shirt, Levi’s (no belt), Timberlake boots, and boxer shorts.

A plaid button up shirt had been tossed onto the chair. There were two copies of the local Sunday newspaper, a new toothbrush and toothpaste tube, a scrap of paper reading “SUICIDE,” another paper reading “For the Room” with $160 in crisp $20 bills.

He seemed a healthy, clean-shaven, polite man—now, sadly, deceased. Why did he do it?

Recently the maid’s daughter joined a Facebook group dedicated to this mystery. Her mother was still deeply affected by Lyle’s death, so she shared a new revelation. The maid had heard voices coming from the room the second day, when Lyle refused cleaning services.

She insists the television was not the source of the voices. She also said the room was handicap accessible, so the closet bar should have been too short for 6’2” Lyle to hang himself.

Whether he committed suicide or was killed, the fact remains that he is unidentified to this day.

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