22 Years Ago, This Man Brutally Murdered 3 Children During A Robbery. Now Their Mom Wants To Give Him A Second Chance


An Arkansas mom has forgiven the man who killed her three children 22 years ago, and she wants him to be released from prison. Read on for the full story!


An Arkansas mom is begging a judge to release the man who murdered her three children from prison.

As KARK reports, it was nearly 22 years ago that Malak Hussian's three youngest children, Marcell Young, 17, Mustafa Hussian, 12 and Malak Hussian, 10, were all shot and killed during a deadly home invasion.

"When you build your life, as a mother, on being a mother, a friend, a mentor and you wake up one morning and there is no seemingly purpose to life," said Malak. "It's beyond words."

Despite losing her children in the horrific home invasion, Malak walked inside a Pulaski County courtroom on Monday to beg a judge to release one of the four men responsible for the attack.

Terry Carroll, 37, was just 17 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison on three counts of capital murder, as well as the attempted murder of Malak, for his role in the home invasion.

"I'm grateful i was not killed," said Malak.

A recent Supreme Court ruling has made it unconstitutional to give minors mandatory life sentences, which means prisoners like Carroll will eventually have to be re-sentenced as it is.

But Malak is hoping that her testimony will free Carroll sooner rather than later.

"My objective in coming today was to ask the jury and then ask the judge to let this man go," said Malak.

Although she hasn’t had a chance to speak out in court yet, Malak says that once she does she hopes the judge will grant Carroll a second chance.

"When you've traveled down the avenues and hard roads and the paths that God has carried me through, then you will understand the purpose of me forgiving this man," said Malak.

According to KARK, Carroll is due to be re-sentenced in April.

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