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4 Years After 'Tan Mom' First Made Waves, She Looks TOTALLY Different!


Four years ago, "Tan Mom" became an overnight sensation, thanks to her overly tanned look. Now she’s finally ditched her tanning beds for a new addiction. Read on for more details!


In April 2012, New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil became a household name when her 5-year-old daughter showed up to school with severe burns all over her legs.

Krentcil was reportedly accused of taking her daughter to a tanning bed, even though New Jersey law bans children under 14 from using them.

"When this happened, it took my heart and my soul away and I had to fight every day not to get upset," Krentcil later told NJ.com, claiming her daughter actually had a sunburn from playing outside.

While a grand jury ultimately decided not to indict Krentcil on a child-endangerment charge, citing a lack of evidence, she’d already been thrust into the spotlight.


One look at Krentcil was all it took for the media to give her a brutal new nickname: “Tan Mom.”

Krentcil’s tan was so intense and orange that she was often compared to the overly tanned cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore and an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The mother-of-three admitted that she had been addicted to tanning and used up to 20 different tanning beds a month to achieve her crispy look.


It took several years for Krentcil’s husband, Richard, and their children to convince her that tanning would eventually kill her.

Now, four years later, “Tan Mom” has finally admitted that using tanning beds for so many years was a “huge mistake” that her body simply couldn’t handle any longer.

But it seems that one addiction has simply been replaced with another.

In 2015, Krentcil told Closer magazine that she decided to trade tanning for Botox, so she could feel more confident being pale.


“I started reading about celebrities having Botox and realized that could give me the same confidence without damaging my skin,” she explained. “I couldn't believe the results.”

These days, Krentcil spends about $300 on Botox injections every three months or so to correct some of the skin damage left behind by years of tanning.

As of last year, she was also considering an eye lift and a treatment to smooth out the skin around her chest.

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