A Couple Of Old Tin Cans And A Block Of Wood Make For A Portable Cutlery Holder That You Can Use For Indoor And Outdoor Entertaining!


This convenient cutlery holder is perfect for all types of parties!


This one’s for the party people, who love to entertain in all seasons and in all corners of the house—including the backyard!

Rather than gather handfuls of knives and spoons, and then have to return to the kitchen to grab forks and napkins, and still have to make another trip for plates, cups and bowls, this handy cutlery holder will cut your trips in half!

This is also super handy for kids who want to help, but maybe have such little hands that they can only carry about two utensils at a time!

This recycled can cutlery holder is perfect for entertaining inside the home as it puts everything in reach and can easily be passed around a large table. And with its portable design, it’s perfect for bringing the party outside for al fresco dining!

Janice at Home-Dzine made this recycled can cutlery holder out of materials she already had at home. Chances are, you’ll have most of these materials already as well!

You’ll need six or seven empty cans, a small strap of leather to serve as the handle, and a block of wood, labels for the cans, screws, sandpaper, paint, nail and hammer or drill.

Janice used 80-grit sandpaper to remove any sharp edges around the cut side of the can. Nothing ruins a party faster than a nasty cut!

Paint the cans and the block of wood and let it dry overnight. Janice used Rustoleum in Gloss Seaside. The cheery blue paint just screams ‘Take me to a picnic!’

When the paint is completely dry, puncture a hole in the top of each can. If you are not using pine wood, you may need to drill a pilot hole into the block of wood to prevent splitting and make securing the cans easier.

Screw the cans into the wood.


Janice took a scrap of leather from an old handbag and attached it to the top of the block using a screw and decorative screw cup. Then she used epoxy glue to put leather labels to each can as a name tag.

If you have a seventh can, you can attach it to one end of the cutlery holder for napkins! What a useful project!

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