After Sprinkling Two Ingredients Onto Crescent Dough, She Makes An Amazing Thanksgiving Appetizer


This delicious, festive appetizer will probably only take you 15 minutes, tops to make. There’s simply no reason for you to not try it at your next gathering


Everyone enjoys Thanksgiving because of the food, but not everyone is actually involved in making it. If you find yourself strapped for appetizer ideas, look no further.

Beth from Hungry Happenings has the perfect solution for you. Her Cheesy Crescent Roll Leaves would add a beautiful, tasty touch to your Thanksgiving bread basket with very little effort required on your part.

"For many years my mom made Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for our family's Thanksgiving dinner," Beth wrote on her blog. Having these Crescent Rolls present at Thanksgiving came to be a crucial part of Beth's holidays.

Now, rather than serve the rolls plain, she dresses them up in a festive, fall fashion.

"I cut the store bought dough using leaf shaped cookie cutters and topped them with cheese and some colorful additions. It took me less than ten minutes to create these pretty fall leaves and they will dress up my bread basket nicely this Thanksgiving," she described.

Here's how you can make them for your own Thanksgiving.

Preheat your oven to 400ºF. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and flour your work surface.

Pop a roll of Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creation Seamless Dough Sheets and roll out the dough on your floured surface. (If you can't find the Seamless Dough Sheets, the regular ole' Crescent Rolls will work. Just "pinch the seams together really well," Beth advised.)

Use leaf-shaped cookie cutters to cut out parts of the dough, then set the cut-outs on your lined cookie sheet.

Hungry HappeningsHungry Happenings

Melt a tablespoon of butter and brush on top of each of the leaves.

Sprinkle all the leaves with about 4 ounces, total, of shredded cheddar cheese. You can also use a different cheeses for variety!

Hungry HappeningsHungry Happenings

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also add a sprinkling of paprika, Italian seasoning, or parsley to your leaves for more color.

Bake your leaves for 6 to 8 minutes. This should be when the cheese begins to bubble and the crescent dough is golden brown.

Hungry HappeningsHungry Happenings

Serve warm and enjoy!

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