Charles Manson's Son Wants Sick Dad Released From Prison Immediately Because 'He Didn't Kill Anybody'


After Charles Manson was rushed to the hospital with a serious illness, his son is demanding his father’s immediate release from prison. Keep reading for the full story!


In the wake of Charles Manson’s sudden illness behind bars, his son is demanding that he be released immediately, arguing that his father never actually killed anybody.

As The Daily Mail reports, musician Matthew Roberts believes his 82-year-old murderous father deserves to be set free.

Manson has been in prison since 1971, when he was found guilty of participating in the brutal murders of at least nine people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

“I love my father whoever he is,” Roberts told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview. “If he was to be released and I could have some kind of friendship with him and we could be amicable, that would be wonderful.”

Manson has recently been rushed from Corcoran State Prison in California, to a hospital in Bakersfield—60 miles away—where he is being treated for a serious illness, which has yet to be released to the public.

After hearing about what happened to his biological father, Roberts told The Daily Mail that Manson has been “tortured” in prison and thinks it's “too extreme” to keep a “sick, old man” behind bars for his entire life.

“It's hell on earth in prison for him,” Roberts said. “Charles Manson didn't kill anybody - yes he is complicit so he is culpable - so it's not that he's completely innocent, but I think he has more than paid his debt to society.”

“I think he's still inside for reasons that don't have anything to do with his crimes,” he added.

Because he never filed the appropriate paperwork, Roberts has been unable to visit his father in the hospital, but he’s hoping they’ll have a chance to see each other very soon.

“The hospital wouldn't let me in so I spoke to an official at the California Department of Corrections and they promised to pass on a message to him on my behalf,” he said. “They told me my father is hanging in there and still in custody, but wouldn't share any more.”

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