For More Than A Year This Guy Has Been Trying To Make His Girlfriend Remember That He Exists


More than a year after the boating accident that nearly took their lives, 44-year-old Michael Capponi is still trying to get his much younger girlfriend to remember that he exists. Read on for the full story!


More than a year ago, Michael Capponi and his much younger girlfriend, Brooke Biederman, were involved in a horrific boating accident that nearly claimed both of their lives.

It also took every single memory that Brooke had of the couple’s whirlwind romance.

According to The Daily Mail, Michael, a 44-year-old heroin addict turned Miami nightlife mogul, has been begging Brooke’s family to let him see her since the accident.

The whole ordeal began in March 2015, when Michael and Brooke’s speed boat crashed into a sea wall at a US Coast Guard station in Miami Beach.

The pair were both left with life-threatening injuries, but it was Brooke who suffered such severe brain damage that she had to be placed in a coma for three weeks.

When Brooke woke up, she reportedly couldn’t remember anything after graduating from Princeton, which occurred a year before the accident.

Although she has almost completely recovered by now, Brooke’s memory from before the crash remains fuzzy.

According to The Daily Mail, Brooke never told her parents about Michael, knowing they would have disapproved of his age and history with drug abuse.

In fact, they had no idea that Brooke was living with her much older beau in Key Biscayne, not in Palm Beach like she initially told them.

Shortly after the accident, Brooke’s parents, high-profile New York urban planner Dan Biederman and fine arts lawyer Susan Biederman, reportedly kept their daughter away from her boyfriend entirely.

For months, Michael has shared photos, love letter, and text messages on Facebook to document his relationship with Brooke in hopes that the memories will come back to her soon.

According to Michael, the pair saw themselves as “soulmates” and openly talked about getting married.

On October 25, Michael wrote:

Darling, I promised you that I will always be by your side no matter what. I have given your family 20 months and 200 pages of letters and facts.

Instead of honoring you, they chose to conceal everything and feed you endless lies in your fragile state.

I will not rest until we can talk face to face and you know the truth. Everything you have been told is a lie. You were always terrified of them and what they were capable of.

As for Brooke, she has been spotted around New York City—where her family lives—with friends several times since recovering.

After all the buzz from Michael’s story, a public relations firm owner has reportedly released the following statement on Brooke’s behalf.

“This terrible accident is in the past, and with the tremendous support of my medical team, family, friends and professional colleagues, I have moved on with my life.”

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