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Forget The Water, Here's What You Should REALLY Be Using Pool Noodles For! Clever!


Pool noodles are the best summer accessory there is -- and for more reasons than you think!


Summertime accessories have made their way onto store shelves, which means the ever popular foam pool noodle is now in your face whenever you walk through those sliding doors.

And yeah, you should definitely buy a few noodles for fun splashing around in the water this summer, but that’s not the only reason to throw a few in your cart!

There are actually so many different ways to make use of the the inexpensive pool toy that you never knew you needed in your life… until now!

Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Fix floppy boots


Before you store away those winter boots and pull out the flip flops, cut a piece of pool noodle to fit the length of the shoe and push it inside.

The noodle will hold hold the shaft of the boot upright and keep it looking nice for when the weather gets cool again!

2. Prevent creases


There’s nothing more irritating than pulling a pair of pants off a hanger that you expect to be ready to wear only to find an ugly crease across the middle of the legs.

Don’t waste another second re-ironing. Instead, put a pool noodle on the hanger to relieve weight from the fold and keep clothes perfectly smooth.

3. Mark wine glasses


This is the cutest trick to use at your next summer barbecue. Instead of fussing with little wine glass labels, all you have to do is cut up a pool noodle!

Then, all your guests have to do is pick their favorite color, slip it around their glass, sip, and enjoy!

4. Create door bumpers


If you have little ones at home (or clumsy big ones), this is a necessity! Prevent fingers from being smashed in the easiest way possible by sliding a foam noodle onto the edge of the door.

This is also great for those times when you don’t want to keep the door propped open but still need to go in and out multiple times (like when you’re unloading the groceries).

See how it's done in the video below!

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