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He Attached PVC Pipe To The Bookcase And Made The Cutest Play Area For His Daughter


With pvc pipes and fabric, they made a play area for their kids that is cute and practical.


Don’t buy one of those cheap looking playhouses that your kid will grow out of in under a year.

Instead of wasting money on something that will end up at your garage sale, you can make a play area for your child using a bookshelf that can totally be repurposed for something else in the future.

This play children’s grocery is exactly the right idea and super easy to make.

Hayley from Welcome To The Mouse House shared her idea on So You Think You’re Crafty, and it’s so smart.

Her kids love the grocery store and have wanted a play version for a while, so she found a way to make it out of pvc pipe and fabric that turned out stunning.

WIth her husband, they started the project by first making the awning for the little shop, which she used the pvc pipes to put together.


Once the pipes were put together, Hayley’s husband attached the frame of the awning to the top of the bookshelf and then the other end to the wall.

“Below the awning is a cubby shelf turned on its side that I bought at Target,” Hayley wrote on her blog post about the project. “It houses all the grocery store food. We simply saved empty boxes from our pantry and taped them shut.”


After that, the only thing left to do was attach the fabric and the little market was finished!

From there, all they had to do was attach a piece of plywood to make the shelf of the cash register and fill up all the cubbies of the market “shelves,” with play food!

Any kid would love to have a play area like the market they made.

Plus, it’s such a versatile project idea that can be customized to be so many different things!


Find the full tutorial for the project here.

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