He Doesn't Want To Pay The Full Price For Pot Roast, So He Makes It At Home In A Slow Cooker Instead


You’ll be drooling from the moment you toss the ingredients for this dish into your slow cooker, up to the moment you can finally put that first bite in your mouth.


Not all cuts of meat were created equal, and unfortunately, some of them are most unequal when it comes to price. Roasts often cost the most money, so if you're craving a bite of tender, juicy meat, you'll either have to fork out that money or just wait it out.

Thankfully, with Aunt Lou's Slow Cooker Steak With Gravy recipe from her blog, Recipes that Crock, we now have option 3: Make it ourselves, with a different cut of meat, at home.

When she finally came up with her perfect recipe, she shared this recipe and wrote, "Roast is my all time favorite, but finding a good roast on sale is next to impossible. With this recipe, our flat iron steak tasted like a juicy, delicious roast! Mommy score!"

Here's how you can make it for yourself!

Cut 2-2½ pounds flat iron steak into serving size pieces. Lay them all at the bottom of your slow cooker.

Then, pour in 1-oz. package of onion soup mix, ¼ cup water, and 10¾-oz. of canned cream of mushroom soup.

Mix everything well so the meat is coated evenly, then cover and cook on Low for 6-8 hours.

When the meat is tender and finished, plate and serve. Be sure to spoon a little extra of that gravy on the side!

Recipes that Crock


You can find the original recipe here, and watch him make it here.

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