He Makes The Perfect Party Appetizer In Just 5 Minutes By Throwing These 3 Ingredients Into His Slow Cooker


When it comes to finger food at parties, you can’t go wrong with smoked bbq sausages. Plus, the third ingredient in this recipe will have everyone’s mouths watering for more!


It doesn't have to be summer in order for you to enjoy some BBQ-flavored sausages — especially if the BBQ recipe in question only calls for the slow cooker, not the grill. If you're planning on hosting any type of party, you'll want to include this BBQ Coke Little Smokies recipe as your main finger food option.

When we found the original recipe on DIY Thrill, we doubted it when they wrote that this recipe was "a delicious appetizer that will have everyone coming back for seconds." It seemed too good to be true, particularly considering how picky all of our guests tend to be.

But we tried it, and now we're convinced. Here's how you can make it for your next party.

Open 2 12-oz. packages of Hillshire Farms Beef Lit'l Smokies Beef Smoked Sausage and place the sausages into your Crock Pot.

DIY Thrill

In a medium bowl, mix 1 18-oz. bottle of BBQ sauce with 6-oz. of Coca Cola. You can use your favorite BBQ sauce; the original recipe calls for Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce.

When the mixture is well combined, pour evenly over the sausages in your Crock Pot.

Close and cook for 2 hours on High, or 4 hours on Low. Stir occasionally to ensure everything is coated well and cooked evenly.

Plate and serve with toothpicks for finger-picking ease, and enjoy!

DIY Thrill

You can find the original recipe here.

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