Her Bathroom Vanity Was Built In The '80s And She Was So Sick Of That Look. This Is How She Updated It For $20


Her bathroom vanity from the ’80s was seriously outdated! But she knew of an easy and cheap way to turn the whole bathroom around by applying this to the counter top!


The style of the season may not always be so stylish a few decades down the road. Back in the ‘80s, cultured marble counter tops with integral sinks were extremely popular and nearly every house was built with that style in mind.

But in this day and age, that look that was once so coveted has now become outdated and a little drab.

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

Tasha at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body was tired of her old vanity and wanted to change things up. But it wasn’t in the budget to replace the vanity top, so she had to get a little creative.

First, Tasha removed the faucet and drain stopper from the sink. But after she had the vanity for a few months, she realized it would be better to leave the drain stopper in! So only remove the faucet.

Use an electric sander to sand down the top of the vanity until it looks dull. That will make it easier for the concrete to adhere.

Mix the concrete until it’s the consistency of pancake batter. Tasha recommends Ardex Feather Finish or Henry’s Feather Finish.

Apply a first thin coat to the counter top and any backsplash with the drywall knife. The key is to apply a truly thin coat; do not strive for full coverage on the first coat!

Put on some gloves and use your fingers to apply to the corners and tops of edges. If any concrete accidentally gets on your walls, it easily wipes off, even after it dries.

Next, apply concrete to the sink basin with your fingers. It will be messy and there will be very visible finger marks, but that’s okay, it’s only the first coat!

Let the first coat dry. Once dry, lightly sand it by hand.

Repeat with another two or three coats until you get the coverage that you want. As the coats are drying, it will look splotchy and awful, that’s just how Tanya’s looked during the process and her vanity turned out beautifully in the end!

Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

When applying second and third coats to the sink, smooth out the ridges left by your fingers with a sponge after the concrete has dried a little bit, about 10-20 minutes after the application.

When there is enough coverage on the vanity, do a final sanding of the vanity surface. Do it by hand so you don’t remove too much of the concrete, especially on the delicate edges and corners.

Finally, apply a water-based acrylic concrete sealer. When the sealer has dried, reinstall the faucet. To complete her vanity transformation, Tasha also painted the cabinet, giving it a totally new look!

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Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

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