Her Chevron Earrings Are A Huge Hit! Her Secret? Old Bobby Pins!


These earrings are absolutely adorable! Who could have known that bobby pins could be so chic?


Why pay a crazy amount of money for earrings that everyone has when you can make your own unique pair with materials that are laying around the house?

This amazing idea comes from Natalie at Crème de la Craft. It’s seriously so easy to do, and you can try out different designs and patterns on your earrings.

Gather some bobby pins that you have scattered around the house. It doesn’t matter if the paint on those black bobby pins have worn down to the shiny, uncolored metal because you’ll be painting over them!

Any simple outfit will be instantly fabulous when you put on these adorable earrings. They’ll be your new favorite accessory!

Creme de la Craft

Clip the bobby pins onto a piece of cardstock and separate them slightly away from one another. Natalie chose to use 9 bobby pins for each earring. The odd number helps with the chevron pattern that comes later.

For primer, you can use a layer of white nail polish or spray paint. Prime one side first, let it dry, and then flip over to prime the other side of the bobby pins.

Now paint the bobby pins with your desired base color. You can use either paint or nail polish. Natalie chose a neon yellow for her base color.

When both sides are dried, push the pins together so they’re touching and lightly sketch your design onto both sides of the bobby pins.

Natalie did a double chevron, with the bottom chevron about twice as thick as the top chevron. She also gave the bobby pins a uniform black tip all across the bottom.

Paint the design you’ve sketched with paint or nail polish and let dry.

Another coat of clear nail polish will seal the paint and add a nice, glossy finish.

With two pieces of thin wire, create a triangle shape and thread the bobby pins through. Twist the edges to close and attach them to earring hooks. They’re dangly and adorable, and you’re sure to get tons of compliments!

Get more details here.

Creme de la Craft

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