Her Homemade Large-Scale Rug Feels Like Walking On Clouds And It Was So Easy To Do!


This plush rug was actually made by hand! Find out how!


Rugs are so essential to a room, especially if you like to walk around barefoot, but don’t enjoy the feel of cold, hard floors.

Unfortunately, rugs are also very expensive, and the bigger they are, the more money is being drained from your wallet!

Brittni from Paper & Stitch admits that it took quite a long time to finish her large-scale rug, but once you get the technique down, it’s so easy to do for an hour every night! Before you know it, you’ll be walking on clouds!

This same technique can be used for any size rug, big, small, or a classic runner. Brittni used multi-use netting, cotton piping, small rubber bands, and scissors.

Cotton piping ranges in thickness. The thicker your piping, the faster the process and the less piping you will need to use to complete the rug.

Brittni cut out a 5x8 piece of netting for her rug. Next, she cut pieces of cotton piping about 4 inches long. Don’t worry too much about making each piece exactly 4 inches. The variation will give a more textured feel that looks handmade, as opposed to manufactured.

Be aware that you will probably need more cotton piping than you think. For Brittni’s 5x8 rug, she used over 200 yards of cotton piping. The total cost of materials for her rug ended up around $300—way less than a thousand dollar rug she would have bought in store!

Paper & Stitch

Weave the cotton piece in between the netting grid, pulling the pieces upward to the ceiling in a U shape. Tie them together with a rubber band. Brittni used the tiny clear ones you find in the hair aisle.

Once the cotton piping piece is secure, fluff up the ends into a fuzzy pom-pom shape. Repeat these steps until the full grid is covered.

The process is time consuming, but super easy. It’s a great and mindless project to work on at night before bed, which is exactly what Brittni did! Everyone will be so impressed you made your own fluffy rug!

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Paper & Stitch

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