Her Little Girl Needed A Night Light For Her Bedroom. Now These Sweet Fairies Watch Over Her And ‘Keep Her Safe’ Every Night


Her daughter is completely in love with this village of fairies who watch over her at night!


As grown up as the little ones want to act during the day, there always comes a time when they admit they’re not quite as grown up as they think. For many children, this comes when it’s time for bed, and they would still like the use of a night light.

Jen from Paging Fun Mums has a little girl who uses a night light to sleep. But instead of an ordinary tapered bulb, Jen thought it would be fun to inject some whimsy into this time-honored tradition.

You’ll need mason jars, white tissue paper, craft glue, fairy foam stickers, optional decorations, and battery operated tea lights.

First, Jen removed the lid from the mason jar. She covered the outside of the jar in craft glue, including the bottom.

Then, she placed tissue paper all over the sides and bottom of the mason jar. The white tissue paper will soften the light, but still give your child comfort.

Paging Fun Mums

She found some fairy foam stickers at her local $2 store. She bought the kind with peel-able backing, so all she had to do was remove the backing and stick the fairy into the inside wall of the jar.

The fairies can also be made by using a Cricut to cut out the silhouettes from cardstock paper. When the fairy is adhered to the inside of the jar, place the battery-operated tea light inside.

The flickering lights are the best for this project!

Jen went the extra mile and decorated the lid of the mason jar with fake flowers and ribbons. At night, the beautiful fairy will sit in her home and watch over your child as she falls asleep.

Jen’s daughter says the fairies “keep her safe” and is absolutely in love with them!

This project can easily be modified for a boy if you find or make another shape such as a dinosaur or even a robot.

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