Her Wood Table Was Scratched Until She Poured This Liquid Over The Top. Now It Looks Like New


The scratched wooden table was on its way to the trash until she rubbed this over the top! Now it looks so much better!


Forget about trying out store-bought products that only offer a minor, temporary fix for scratched wooden furniture.

This DIY recipe works like magic to get rid of scratches on all your favorite wooden pieces, and you can make it using ingredients you already have in the pantry!

Jessica from Domestic Bliss Squared shared how she used a mixture of pantry items to make the magical scratch remover.

“I’ve tried furniture polish and orange oil, and nothing really makes it look much better,” Jessica wrote on her blog post about using the trick on her side table.

Domestic Bliss SquaredDomestic Bliss Squared

After nothing else was working, Jessica figured she’d give the homemade remedy a shot.

“It was sitting forlornly in our garage waiting for me to decide it it was worth keeping, so I figured I’d give this magical trick a try as a last ditch effort,” Jessica wrote on her post about the scratched furniture.

To make the concoction, all Jessica had to do was mix together equal parts white distilled vinegar and olive oil.

Of course, the oil will want to separate from the vinegar, so you have to mix it right before you plan on using it.

Domestic Bliss SquaredDomestic Bliss Squared

“I took a kitchen rag and just dipped it in and rubbed it on,” Jessica wrote on her post. “I kept going until I had gone over the whole table and used almost all of the mixture.”

After rubbing the solution into the top of the table as much as possible, Jessica looked down and saw a table that looked like brand new again!

“I was shocked,” Jessica wrote on her blog about the results. “It really worked! The scratches were fixed!”

Domestic Bliss SquaredDomestic Bliss Squared

Every water stain, scratch and imperfection that was there before applying the mixture disappeared after a quick rub with the soaked rag.

“Not only does it look better but my table is now silky smooth and clean,” Jessica wrote. “I’d say it worked! The best part is that now my precious table is a totally usable piece of furniture again, and has been restored to its rightful place in our entryway hall.”

Find more details about the trick here.

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