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Husband Discovers MYSTERY Box In Late Wife's Closet. What He Finds Inside? HER LIES...


On December 24, 2010, Lori Erica Ruff committed suicide in her car, but it wasn’t until her estranged husband discovered a mysterious box in her closet that he realized his wife had a dark past. Read on for the full story!


On Christmas Eve 2010, Lori Erica Ruff shot herself dead in her in-laws’ driveway, leaving her only daughter without a mother.

Friends and family say Lori had started acting extremely strange and erratic in the months before her death, but they chalked up her behavior to her impending divorce from husband Blake Ruff.

Lori’s suicide was absolutely devastating for the entire family, but the mystery of her death only deepened when her estranged husband discovered a secret lockbox in her closet.

After prying it open with a screwdriver, Blake found several old pieces of paper with incoherent scribblings all over them.

Even more chilling, Blake found his wife’s fake identity.

Following the Paper Trail

Blake has always maintained that Lori ordered him never to touch the secret box in her closet, which she kept locked and hidden at all times.

It wasn’t until he pried open the lockbox that Blake found Lori’s phony identification cards and documents showing that she had completely changed her name to Lori Kennedy before they got married.

After reading Lori’s scribblings, authorities believe she may have changed her identity to avoid going to jail for a crime she committed, but they’ve never figured out what that might have been.

Shockingly enough, before changing her name to Lori Kennedy, the mystery woman was known as Becky Sue Turner.

But 2-year-old Becky Sue Turner had actually died in a house fire several years earlier, in 1971.

When police entered her fingerprints into the national database, virtually nothing came up, as if Lori Ruff never even existed.

Shocking Clues about Lori Ruff’s Age

Lori reportedly never got along with her in-laws, in part because she completely refused to talk about her past at all.

Coming off as cold, skittish, and standoffish, Blake’s parents were none too pleased when their son decided to marry Lori less than a year after meeting her.

Blake and Lori tried to have a child for several years before they finally welcomed their baby girl through in-vitro fertilization in 2008.

After investigating the case, police now believe that the reason Lori couldn’t have a child was because she was actually much older than she told her husband.

Although Lori was “officially” 41 when she died, authorities think she may have been as old as 50.

Who Was Lori Erica Ruff?

To this day, nobody knows who Lori Ruff was or where she came from. Nobody has ever come forward saying they knew her as a teenager and authorities have never spoken to any of her real family members, assuming she has any relatives that are still alive.

She is now technically known as “Jane Doe.”

Over the years, police have tried to find out Lori’s true identity, but nobody has been quite as passionate about this mystery as the Internet.

People have come up with plenty of theories in the last year alone, including that Lori could have been a victim of sex trafficking.

"She created a false identity for the sole purpose of getting lost in America," Social Security investigator Joseph Velling, who has been investigating Lori’s case for years, told FoxNews.com in 2013. "It must have been for some horrific reason ... either she was running away from a crime or an abusive family or relationship."

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