Inspired By A High End Product, She Turned Her Cheap IKEA Dresser Into A Suitcase Chest That Will Give You The Travel Bug!


She turns a humble IKEA dresser into a super unique piece of furniture! See it here!


This project can be made with any plain, simple dresser, like the Rast from IKEA. Of course, you can also find old dressers elsewhere—maybe in your own, long-forgotten storage!

Jen from Girl in the Garage had been wanting a suitcase dresser ever since she saw one from World Market. It retailed for nearly $600, and was sold out everywhere when it went on sale.

So Jen made her own version with the $35 IKEA Rast dresser! It looks just as good and it’s still perfectly functional.

Girl in the Garage

First, Jen assembled her Rast chest, but left the drawers out. She stained everything with Minwax Cloths, except the drawer fronts.

Then Jen painted the drawer fronts in basic colors for her young son’s room. After that, Jen protected her work with some wax on the whole thing.

The fun part is choosing what the ‘suitcases’ will look like! You can use any combination of leather strips, hardware, handles and pulls, and whatever else you might see on an old timey suitcase.

Jen cut wide leather strips for the top drawer. She also used a combination of clear and dark wax for that drawer because she left it unpainted. She applied the leather strips with Mod Podge and let them set.

Then she added pulls from Hickory Hardware on top of the leather strips by using upholstery nails. They give it the perfect mix of vintage, masculine, and industrial.

Girl in the Garage

She also glued thin leather straps on the blue drawer, then added upholstery tacks to those leather strips as well.

On the middle red drawer, Jen faked the suitcase inset with a Sharpie, drawing a smaller rectangle on the red drawer, and filling in patches on the corners.

Depending on your dresser, you may need to drill holes to accommodate the dresser pulls.

The finished dresser looks so unique, and it makes you want to pack a real suitcase, stat! See more here.

Girl in the Garage

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