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Instead of Using The Dresser For Clothes, He Took Out All The Drawers And Made THIS For Their Entryway!


The dresser was old and falling apart, so he took out all the drawers and put it by the front door to be used for this instead!


After using the hand-me-down dresser for four years and hating every minute of it, they decided to finally upgrade and get rid of the old piece of furniture.

But, for Geoffrey from Photokapi, getting rid of the old dresser didn’t mean throwing it in the trash.

Instead, he teamed up with his wife to turn it into the cutest upcycled bench for their front entryway!

“I got this old dresser from my in-laws,” Geoffrey wrote on his blog post about the project. “It was old when they bequeathed it to us, and we used it for four more years after that. The drawers were beginning to get stuck and not slide easily, and several were chipped on the edge, so I decided to change up the layout to something more useful.”


To makeover the dresser, he started by tearing out the top two rows of drawers and only kept the three along the bottom.

In addition, Geoffrey also cut away all the drawer frames to create a completely open space.


To make the seat for the bench, he installed a piece of fiberboard on top of the bottom row’s still-in-tact frames, which worked as support for the seat as well.

Then, to make the inside of the dresser pretty, Geoffrey also added wainscoting on all three sides.


Once that was done, the last thing he added was a little railing around the rim of the bench to make the look more complete.

With that, it was time to start painting, which results in a glossy black choice of color.


Once it was all dry and the drawers were added back in with new pulls, the dresser definitely looked more like a bench that a spot to hold clothes.


Geoffrey’s wife put together a cushion for the bench using a foam pad and even made decorative pillows.


“The drawers are used for storage of seasonal covers for the pillows and think that need to be given back to people,” Geoffrey wrote. “It now sits in our front entryway.”

Find more details about the project here.

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