Parents Disappear With Infant Daughter In 1981. When Dad And Daughter Are Found Alive 35 Years Later, Cops Wonder What Happened To Mom


Police say the disappearance of a woman who vanished more than 35 years ago is now thought to be suspicious after her boyfriend and daughter were found alive. Keep reading for more details!


Police in New Hampshire have found new information about a woman who went missing 35 years ago that has led them to believe her disappearance is suspicious.

Denise Beaudin was just 23 years old when she and her boyfriend, Robert “Bob” Evans, then 37, vanished with their infant daughter in 1981.

"The hope is that that someone who knew Denise or knew Bob might see this on the news during the holiday break and come forward with more information," Jeffrey Strelzin, of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, said.

Despite being gone for more than 30 years, Beaudin was only just reported missing last year.

According to the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit, Beaudin's disappearance is now considered suspicious.

Beaudin and Evans were last seen at Beaudin’s parents’ house on November 26, 1981, during Thanksgiving dinner.

Because Beaudin and Evans never mentioned plans to leave home, Beaudin’s family was stunned when they came to visit on December 1 and realized the family had vanished.

At the time, the couple had been facing serious financial issues, so Beaudin’s family assumed they wanted to disappear.

After considering the situation, the family chose not to report Beaudin missing.

"It was a different time, you had no cellphones, no social media, so it was different," Strelzin said.

After more than 35 years, investigators have managed to track down Beaudin’s daughter, who does not want to be identified in the media.

"We know where she is, we've identified her, she's alive and well," Strelzin said. "She doesn't want her identity released at this time, but she's OK."

Authorities also know where Evans, now 72, is. But they still have no idea what happened to Beaudin.

Beaudin's name has since been added to the National Crime Information Center's missing persons database, and authorities are now wondering if her disappearance was not voluntary.

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