'Please Hurry!' Man Begs 911 Operator While Being Chased By A Stranger In The Woods. 3 Years Later, His Fate Remains A Mystery


In 2013, Brandon Lawson disappeared after telling a 911 dispatcher that he was being chased. More than 3 years later, his family still has no idea what happened to him. Keep reading for more details!


More than three years after Brandon Lawson made a bone-chilling 911 call, saying he was being chased by a stranger, his family is still no closer to finding out what happened to him.

The 26-year-old father-of-four disappeared after his car ran out of gas along Highway 277 on August 9, 2013.

While investigators are certain that Lawson began walking along the highway after his car broke down, they have no idea what happened next.

According to The Sun, as he started walking toward some nearby fields, Lawson called 911 and revealed that he was being chased down by another car.

In the shocking audio, Lawson can be heard screaming to the 911 dispatcher as he reportedly runs through the woods:

“Yes I’m in the middle of a field (inaudible) pushed some guys over, right here going towards Abilene, on both sides,” the call begins.

“My truck ran out of gas, there’s one car here, the guy’s chasing (inaudible) to the woods, please hurry!”

The operator then asks if Lawson needs an ambulance sent to the scene.

“No I need the cops.”

Nobody ever heard from Lawson again after that chilling 911 call.

Three years later, Lawson’s girlfriend, Ladessa Lofton, has no answers to give to her children about what happened to their father that night.

“Each day they ask me why isn’t my dad at my birthday party, why is my dad not here for thanksgiving, why is my dad not going to be here for Christmas?” she told NBCDFW.

Lawson’s father, Brad, said he son disappeared in a rocky cactus terrain, and if he had fallen over and died, investigators would have found his body by now.

Lofton continuously rejects the never-ending rumors that Lawson abandoned his family for another life, and she now fears that he is dead.

“We’ve endured rumours on social media because original news reporting painted a picture that Brandon was a fugitive on the run. Brandon would never run from his kids and while he had an outstanding warrant we were in the process of saving to pay his fine and addressing it through our lawyer,” she said. “Even if Brandon were to serve jail time, he would have seen his children on visitation until released. To say he ran to avoid being apprehended is ridiculous.”

At the end of the day, Lawson’s family just wants to know what happened that night.

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