Prospective Home Buyer Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime When They Walk Into The Garage


A prospective home buyer in Detroit was horrified to discover a mummified body hidden inside the garage of a house they were hoping to purchase. Read on for more details!


A prospective home buyer in Detroit was absolutely horrified to find an old mummified corpse inside a house they were hoping to purchase.

According to CBS Detroit, the unnamed buyer was surveying the house on Thursday, when they discovered a mummified body hidden inside the garage.

A spokesperson from the medical examiner’s office said the body’s leathery bones were covered in a shirt, sweater, and long pants.

The body had been so badly decomposed by the time it was finally discovered that the medical examiner still does not know if it was a man or a woman.

Authorities say the mummified body was found packed inside of a car parked in the garage.

The previous tenants were reportedly told by the property owner that they were never allowed to use the garage.

Because the body is so badly decomposed, the medical examiner’s office has actually been forced to call in an anthropologist for help.

“When the body came in — because it was so badly decomposed and mummified — there was an inspection done by the medical examiner,” Lloyd Jackson, spokesperson for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office, told WWJ Newsradio 950. “No autopsy was done, just and inspection and it was determined that an anthropologist needs to come in and do further testing and an actual autopsy on the body.”

When the anthropologist from the University of Michigan arrives later this week, authorities hope they will finally find out the victim’s sex, age, and cause of death, so they can figure out what happened.

“When a body is mummified, it is passed the decomposition stages,” Jackson said. “When a body decomposes it brings about flies and those things, but it’s passed that stage and it’s like the bones are really brown, like a dark brown — like leathery almost.”

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