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Remember Minkus From Boy Meets World? He Looks Unrecognizable Now


23 years after "Boy Meets World" first premiered on the Disney Channel, you won’t believe what "Minkus" is up to today. Keep reading to learn more!


When Boy Meets World first premiered in 1993, we all had a favorite character on the show—Corey, Shawn, Topanga, Eric—there were just so many to choose from!

No matter who your favorite character was all those years ago, there’s one that still stands out from the rest.



Although he pretty much disappeared after season 1, Minkus quickly became a fan favorite of Boy Meets World.

By the time he finally did make a cameo again at their high school graduation, Corey and Shawn had already forgotten about their nerdy nemesis from the sixth grade.

After making a joke about being "on the other side of the school" for all those years, Minkus once again vanished from our lives.

So what has Minkus been up to for all these years?

Well, for starters, Minkus’ real name is Lee Norris, and believe it or not, he’s already 34 years old.


The CW

After his stint on Boy Meets World, Norris left the Disney Channel for One Tree Hill, where he starred as Marvin "Mouth" McFadden from 2003 to 2012.

He also had a small role in Zodiac in 2007 and another credit as an officer in Gone Girl 7 years later.

Just last year, Norris made headlines again when an unbelievable rumor started that he underwent a sex change operation and became actress Chanel West Coast (the stage name of Chelsea Chanel Dudley).



Unsurprisingly, Norris and Chanel West Coast are two completely different people, so the rumor was soon outed as a hoax.

Today, Norris is married to Andrea Norris and has recently reprised his role as Minkus in the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World.

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