Remember The 'Human Barbie'? You Won't Believe What She Looks Like Now!


In 2012, Valeria Lukyanova made a name for herself as the world’s first "Human Barbie." Now 30, you won’t believe how much she’s changed over the years. Keep reading for more details!


Valeria Lukyanova became an overnight sensation back in 2012, when she first dubbed herself the world’s very first “Human Barbie.”

The 30-year-old Ukrainian beauty continues to turn heads with her otherworldly, doll-like appearance and real-life Barbie measurements.

Over the years, Valeria has been accused of having work done to achieve her unreal looks, but to this day she swears she’s only had one breast augmentation.

These days, Valeria has been hard at work on her acting, modeling, and music career, even opening up about her dreams in a new interview with toofab.

According to toofab, Valeria was actually in Los Angeles earlier this month to film scenes for an upcoming horror flick called The Doll, where she presumably plays a murderous doll.

While speaking with the site, Valeria said her goal for the immediate future is to sing in Spanish more, since she normally only sings in Russian.

Last year, she released her very first single, called “Jack Your Barbie,” which certainly won’t be her last!

"True house music fans should know that 'In the beginning there was Jack and Jack had a groove,'" she explained, quoting words from the 1987 track "My House" by Rhythm Control. "I want your Barbies to jack."

According to Billboard, Valeria plans to release more music that features her singing in "ancient forgotten languages...meant to induce a meditative state in the listener."


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