Save Your Bottle Caps And Make These Delightful French Macaron Ornaments For The Christmas Tree


Old bottlecaps become this gorgeous decoration for the Christmas tree in just a few easy steps!


These DIY French macaron ornaments are a perfect addition to the Christmas tree, or as an extra special addition to a wrapped gift for friends and family.

Jillian at I Am A Homemaker saw these beautiful ornaments at the Ballard Designs website, but didn’t feel like ordering them. So she decided to use a little of her creative genius and figure out how to make them herself!

She used standard bottlecaps, and she wrote that it actually doesn’t matter whether they were twist off or not. “If the bottles were opened with a bottle opener versus a twist off, don’t worry about it,” she wrote. “Once they are all decorated and up on the tree no one will ever notice the little indent.”

Jillian recommends using good quality paint “because you want great coverage or the bottlecaps will look like, well, bottlecaps.” She also said to pick paint colors that are pretty close to the colors of glitter you’ll be using.

Her brand of paint is the Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch in metallic gold, metallic bronze, light blue, pink, and pastel purple.

The first thing Jillian did was to separate the bottlecaps into even-numbered groups and paint them. As the bottlecaps dry, you can cut the gold string and knot them in preparation for the next step.

I Am A HomemakerI Am A Homemaker

She glued the ends of the string where the knot was on the inside of one bottlecap. Then she glued the other side of the bottlecap in the same color, taking care to not let glue drip down the outside of the cap. Repeat until all the bottlecaps are in a macaron shape.

For the glitter part, Jillian preferred to work in sections because hot glue dries fast and it’s critical to get the glitter on it while it’s hot.

I Am A HomemakerI Am A Homemaker

“You will want to put a bead of glue and then gently touch it to a pile of glitter so the glitter sticks, but you don’t squish the glue down and make a mess.”

After the glitter sets, they’re ready to hang, attach to gifts, or even stack them in a small box just like real macarons! Get more details here.

I Am A HomemakerI Am A Homemaker

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