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She Cut Colored Pencils Into Little Pieces And Glued Them Together To Make THIS!


Hot glue is all these colored pencils needed to become the cutest new addition for their home!


It’s the end of the school year, which means it’s also a great time to give a gift to those teachers that have been working so hard all year.

Before you say goodbye for the summer, consider making your kid’s favorite teacher this adorable DIY colored pencil coaster!

And if you’re already out on summer break, that means you have plenty of time to make it as a first day of school gift!

Ashley from the blog, Consumer Crafts, shared the idea, and it is so cute!

She started the project by gathering all of the supplies, which included colored pencils, cork coasters, hot glue, and Mod Podge.


Ashley said that the hardest and longest step in the whole project is cutting up all of the colored pencils.

She tried using both a craft saw and a compound miter saw to make her cuts, and finally was able to finish cutting all the different colors into half-inch pieces.


The only part of the pencils Ashley did not use was the sharpened end.


After they were all cut, she attached them to the round cork coaster using hot glue.

“I started from the outside and worked my way it,” Ashley wrote. “This part of the project went fairly quickly.”

To make sure the coaster was level, once the glue had dried she sanded the top of the pencils down.


The final step to complete the coaster was to paint on a couple layers of Mod Podge, which works to protect the pencils from water.


The end result is so cute, and it’s such a fun, colorful gift that is absolutely perfect for either the start or the end of the school year! You could even make a whole set of them if you had enough time (and colored pencils!).


“I love how unique and modern this DIY coaster gift is,” Ashley wrote. “It is fun, pretty, and perfect for any teach! This is definitely the most fun and most creative teachers will be getting.”

Find more details about the project here.

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