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She Cut Pizza Dough Into Little Squares And Stuffed Them To Make Homemade Pizza Rolls


Instead of going down the freeze aisle at the grocery store, she made this favorite snack food at home!


Pizza rolls are those little bite-sized snacks you might have had growing up or have made for your kids.

They’re not exactly the healthiest option, but they are a yummy finger food and great for crowds.

Now, there’s a way for you to make them at home. This version is probably at least a little bit healthier and just as tasty!

Rachel from Our Blissfully Delicious Life shared the recipe, and it’s super simple!

“These were so good, we almost made them twice in one weekend,” Rachel wrote on her blog post about the recipe.

She started with a can of pre-made refrigerated pizza dough, adding that you could use your own homemade dough recipe if you prefer.

She rolled the dough out into a large rectangle and then cut it into 24 squares.

Then, she grabbed her pizza roll stuffing, which included pepperoni and cheese.


“I stuffed mine with pepperoni and mozzarella because that’s my four-year-old’s favorite pizza,” Rache wrote. “But you could do any of your favorite pizza combinations -- ham and cheese, pepperoni and sausage, spinach and olives, the possibilities are endless.”

If you wanted, you could even add little spoonfuls of pizza sauce to the stuffing.

For the cheese, she used cut-up pieces of string cheese, which was the perfect match for this recipe.

Next, Rachel sprayed the bottom of a casserole dish and started forming the rolls out of the squares.

“Pull the four corners of each square together to seal and place the rolls, seam side down, in the dish,” Rachel wrote.


Then, in a skillet on the stove, Rachel melted butter and added some garlic and herbs to it.

Once it had time to heat up, she dumped the garlic butter over the rolls in the dish and sprinkled the top with parmesan cheese.

The only thing to do after that was let the rolls bake.



Find the full recipe here.

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