She Displays These Vintage Family Heirlooms In The Most Creative Way And It’s All Thanks To An Old Box Of Junk She’d Forgotten About!


This project brings a dated feel into her home--but in a very good way! Check it out!


There is something so satisfying about snagging a great find in an antiques shop or flea market. It’s exciting because you never know what you’ll find there; it’s not like the shop owner can order 100 units of the exact same thing!

But even better than ogling the eye candy at these unique markets is finding the perfect piece for your own home.

Ashley at Little Glass Jar loves her weekly flea market. She came across a box of old door knobs that had been long forgotten, and so she came up with door knob art displays!

They’re deceptively simple but pack a big visual punch because they’re so unique. These displays are perfect for displaying family photos or artwork.

Ashley chose a few of her favorite door knobs from the box and polished them up. Then she took a few wooden dowels and a saw.

Little Glass Jar

Measure the dowels to the height you want your displays. Cut them up and then stain them with your choice of wood stain.

When the wooden dowels are dry, use wood glue to glue them on top of each other. But leave about half an inch at the top unglued. That’s where you’ll stick in your artwork or photo.

Little Glass Jar

Put the glued end of the wooden dowel into the doorknob where the screw would normally go.

Ashley had also happened to find these old envelopes from her mom’s side of the family. “They matched perfectly to make this project so sentimental!” she wrote. Together with the vintage doorknobs, this wonderful project radiates a sense of family history and sweet nostalgia.

See more instructions here.

Little Glass Jar

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