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She Dumped Dr. Pepper Over Cake Mix And Topped It With BUTTER! After Two Hours In The Crock-Pot? SO GOOD!


She dumped just FOUR basic ingredients into the slow cooker and in two hours made a dessert that everyone loves!


Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth with this ridiculously tasty recipe that only calls for FOUR ingredients!

Sarah from Life Should Cost Less shared her recipe for this Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper Cobbler that is out of this world good!

She figured out slow cookers work the similar to Dutch ovens when it comes to baking cakes, so she got to work figuring out the perfect flavor combination.

To make her delicious cake, Sarah used a can of cherry pie filling, devil’s food cake mix, one bottle of Dr. Pepper, and a stick of butter.


The first thing she did was grease her Crock-Pot with cooking spray and pour in the entire can of cherries.

On top of that, she dumped the whole bag of cake mix. That’s right -- don’t follow the recipe on the back. This makes the pre-made mixture even easier to use, right?!

Over that, it was time to pour the soda.

“Make sure that you don’t just pour it all in one spot,” Sarah wrote on her blog post about adding the Dr. Pepper to the mixture in the slow cooker. “Use even motions and spread over the entire cake mix as best you can. I love how much it bubbles up and gets frothy!’

Finally, on top of the soda she added the stick of butter, which she cut into cubes before dumping into the slow cooker so that it would more evenly spread out once it starts to melt.


After all four ingredients were added, Sarah put the top on the pot and let the whole thing bake on high for about two hours.

When the time was finished, she was left with a delicious, moist cake that is perfect served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


“You can do many other flavors, just switch up whatever pie filling you want and then pick a cake mix and soda that compliment them,” Sarah wrote.

She did add that regardless of what cake mix you use, make sure that it does not have pudding added in the name, or the cake will come out too mushy.

Find the full recipe for the yummy cobbler here!

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