She Dumped Everything Into The Slow Cooker To Make The Easiest Salisbury Steak Dinner


This is the easiest and yummiest Salisbury steak recipe, and it’s the perfect dinner to make during colder fall nights!


The best dinners are the ones you can throw into the Crock-Pot and then forget for a few hours until you’re hungry and ready to eat.

This recipe for Salisbury steak, aka cubed steak, shared by Brandie from The Country Cook is one of the best!

“My favorite part of this recipe? The gravy,” Brandie wrote on her blog post about the recipe. “Oh mercy, the gravy.”

Plus, the whole thing on requires a few ingredients to make!

The only ingredients Brandie used was a can of french onion and cream of chicken soup each, a packet of gravy mix, water, cubed steak, and cornstarch!

Plus, whatever you want for the side!

In her slow cooker, Brandie started by adding in cream of chicken soup, french onion soup, some water, and a packet of au jus gravy mix.

After stirring it all together until well combined, she then tossed her cubed steak into the mixture and covered the whole thing to cook for six to eight hours.

The Country CookThe Country Cook

That is literally the only preparation that was required for the meal in advance, and it filled up the whole house with delicious scents all day!

About half an hour before the steak was finished, Brandie whisked together some cornstarch and water.

She poured the mix into the Crock-Pot and stirred it in so that the gravy would thicken.

The Country CookThe Country Cook

In addition, Brandie also made some mashed potatoes as the perfect side, of course. You could totally make them from scratch or used the instant kind, depending on timing and preference.

Or, you could even serve the steak over some egg noodles to mix it up a little bit!

This is the yummiest dinner to make for a crowd on a cold fall day. If you have a lot of mouths to feed, you could even make two slow cookers and put mushrooms in one for those who would enjoy that extra flavor.

The Country CookThe Country Cook

Find the full delicious recipe here.

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