She Focused On The Details Of This $20 Dresser And Realized How Beautiful It Could Become


She knew that if she got her hands on this old dresser, it could become something amazingly beautiful--and she was right!


How she can leave this dresser in the guest bedroom instead of taking it for her own room is a total mystery! Though this slightly worn down dresser doesn’t look like much now, this DIYer was able to see past the flaws and find the beauty within.

But Lauren at Bless’er House did more than just see the beauty within; she brought it out with a little bit of attention to detail!

Lauren actually found this beat-up dresser on her local Facebook community buy/sell/trade group. Those community groups are amazing because you can score some real deals there! She got this dresser for just $20. In the end, it looks like it could sell for hundreds at a boutique!

One man’s trash is this woman’s treasure.

“I really don’t think anyone else in that group saw the potential in this little beauty… poor thing,” Lauren wrote. She couldn’t help but notice the subtle side details: the planking on the dresser sides, and the subtly curved supports.

First, the orange color of the dresser just had to go. But to keep some of the natural wood tone, Lauren used a mouse sander on the top of the dresser with coarse grit, and then medium grit for a smooth finish.

Bless'er House

After ridding the dresser of the dust, Lauren applied two coats of Minwax Weathered Oak. She likes that particular color because it’s quite light, and it “pulls out a lot of the natural shade variations in the wood and adds just a hint of gray.” Details really do matter!

On the rest of the dresser, she painted two coats of Fusion Champness.

But the baby blue of Champness was a bit too new and bright. Lauren wanted an antique French look, so she used a wax brush and worked some Homestead House Espresso furniture wax into the painted finish.

She even left a little extra wax in the corners of the drawers to give it more depth.

Bless'er House

To complete the antique French aesthetic, Lauren picked up some new handles and knobs and attached them to the dresser.

See more details here.

Bless'er House

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