She Found An Old Knife Block At The Thrift Store And Brought It Home To Make The Perfect Art Supply Caddy


These knife blocks were just a few bucks. She bought one and turned it into a crayon holder that her son loves!


If you’re feeling creative, one of the best places to go is a thrift store! While you’re in an imaginative mood, it’s fun to pick out items in the store and see what kind of crazy things you can come up with!

Serena of Thrift Diving was at the thrift store when she say something that made her say, “Whooooa, hold up—I can make something with THAT!!

What she saw was a bunch of forlorn knife blocks in the kitchen accessories section. But rather than put knives into the wooden block, Serena realized she could use it to hold crayons for her kids! It’s the perfect project for young ones, and a great way for them to start learning their colors!

First, Serena painted the knife block blue for her kids. She put a piece of tape on her drill, about two inches deep. That way, she would know where to stop drilling into the knife block.

As Serena said, there are no rules, except to keep the drill straight and go slow.

Thrift Diving

To cover up any unsightly imperfections, Serena added the quirky washi tape. It helped cover up the knife slots and any of the mistakes she made while drilling. You could also use scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

Next, she added two hardware pieces to the sides and back of the knife block. It may be wise to predrill the holes so that it’s easier to get the screw in.

Serena chose to use two-hole straps. The sides are perfect for scissors and a foam brush.

Thrift Diving

On the back, Serena decided to put paint brushes into the straps. However, they would slide out, so she added a little tiny footrest out of a wood shim.

Of course, if you like the concept of this project—but not for kids—you could always use it to hold crochet needles, spools of thread, markers, makeup brushes, and so much more!

See Serena’s post here.

Thrift Diving

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