She Found Two Matching Cabinets While Dumpster Diving. With New Doors And Tops, They’ve Become A Farmhouse Style Serving Station


She rescued two matching cabinets from the dumpster, and ripped off their doors. She replaced them with a farmhouse style look that’s so chic and rustic!


One man’s trash is another’s treasure! And sometimes, you don’t even have to dive into a dumpster to get it!

Katie at Mountain Modern Life found out that the apartment complex next door was renovating all of the units. They were tossing out all the old cabinets, so she asked if she could rescue some before they became trash.

They were just made of white particle board, but Katie wasn’t looking for a million-dollar item! And as a plus, the cabinets overflowed from the dumpster to the area around it, so she didn’t literally have to dumpster dive to get her treasures.

She found two matching ones and brought them home. When she finally had time to fix them up, this is what she did.

They custom fit the new tops and doors to these cabinets specifically. Katie and her husband kreg-jigged some 1x3’s together. She chose the straightest boards from the store that still had some character. She kept the two cabinets separate in case she ever wanted to move them around or separate them.

The new tops were attached to the cabinets with a nail gun, though Katie wishes she did that after she repainted the cabinets!

Mountain Modern Life

The cabinet doors were also made with 1x3’s. Once she had the simple doors, she decided to add a ‘Z’ barn-door style design to kick up the rustic flair. This was attached with glue and a nail gun.

After staining the doors, Katie came across some old decorative carriage house hinges that had been given to her a year prior.

Mountain Modern Life

She spray painted the hinges black and then attached them onto the doors. The very last finishing touch was adding some black pulls to each door.

These upcycled cabinets were moved into the dining room and are now used as a coffee bar/serving station. But because she made a top for each cabinet, instead of one long top joining the two together, Katie always has the option of moving them around later!

More details here.

Mountain Modern Life

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