She Had Tons Of Little Scrap Pieces Of Wood Leftover And Almost Threw Them Out. But Instead She Glued Them Together And Keeps It In Her Kitchen


The little scrap pieces of wood and baseboards she had were going to be wasted, until she thought of a way to kill two birds with one stone!


Even just a single DIY project will likely produce little bits and pieces of excess materials. So just imagine how much you would have if you ran a DIY blog!

Gilly of Colour Saturated Life wrote a guest post for Homemade by Carmona about how she had a ton of wood scraps lying around, including some beautiful bits of baseboard and decorative trim.

Gilly also needed to inject some color in her kitchen, someplace where she spends a lot of time! She’s a woman who likes color, but she likes to keep her walls neutral, and painting her cabinets is not an option. So her only choice is to bring color into the room through accessories and wall art.

The utensil holder Gilly had been using is just a simple white vase that wasn’t really her style. So she upcycled her leftover wood scraps for a new utensil holder!

She used two different sizes of baseboards, some decorative trim, and a piece of pine wood.

First, Gilly made a simple wood container 4 inches square and 6 inches tall. She glued and clamped them together, leaving the glue to dry overnight.

Once the box was finished, she collected pieces of decorative trim and cut them to size. She cut the wood at 45 degree angles on the end so they could join together around the box.

She glued the trim to the box one layer at a time, from the bottom up. The top of the box was finished with a different type of trim, and gaps were filled with wood filler.

Colour Saturated Life for Homemade by Carmona

Gilly painted the whole thing, inside and out, with Fusion Mineral Paint in Ceramic. She only used one coat of paint and then lightly distressed it to give it a vintage feel.

It’s colorful, unique, and keeps all her utensils corralled in one place! Best of all, she used some scraps that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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Colour Saturated Life for Homemade by Carmona

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