She Hasn’t Had To Refill Her Soap Dispenser Since She Created An Endless Supply Of Dish Soap From Her Sink!


This hack is saves so much time from worrying about little things like refilling the dish soap dispenser!


Bottles of dish soap are actually pretty impractical, if you think about it. The tiny bottles are made of cheap plastic that are so slippery to handle when you’re actually washing the dishes.

And those little bottles require a lot of time spent refilling from a bigger, more economically friendly bottle. Then those little bottles take up a corner of your sink and sometimes even leak!

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have a pump that’s attached directly to the sink?

Cristina at Remodelando la Casa thought so too! She was having the exact same problems with her dish soap bottle. She had to refill it constantly, and worse yet, it leaked all over the place, creating a big, soapy mess everywhere.

This hack gives her an “endless supply of soap” that eliminates the need to refill a tiny, slippery, messy bottle.

First, she retrofitted the cap of an industrial sized bottle of dish soap. She separated the green topper from the white middle. Then she used needle nose pliers to remove the white middle.

Remodelando la Casa

She widened the hole in the green topper so that the plastic tubing would fit through it.

Then she took plastic tubing and cut it to the length necessary to reach the sink pump and the dish soap bottle. The end going into the soap container got a slanted cut.

Remodelando la Casa

When buying the tubing, Cristina recommends bringing the pump to the store so you can be sure it will fit snugly without any extra accommodations. That will result in the best pump action.

The tubing going into the nozzle of the soap container means it’s less likely that the soap will spill everywhere if it accidentally gets knocked over.

The tubing runs directly to the built-in pump at the sink, so she no longer has to fuss with a small soap bottle or worry about leaks.

Remodelando la Casa

The first use will take quite a few pumps to get the soap threaded through the tubing, but after that it will be easy-peasy!

See Cristina’s post here.

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