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She Hated Her Kids’ Messes, So She Pulled Out The Baseboards And Nailed Wood To Her Wall To Make THIS!


With three messy boys, she had to figure out the best way to keep them all organized! This works out so well!


There’s really nothing more rewarding than a clean and organized home. Although it takes a little time and planning to make sure everything has its own spot, it is well worth the payoff.

That’s why Bethany from the blog, I’m Batmom, wanted to get rid of the mess her sons created every day by throwing their backpacks and school supplies in the corner.

“Backpacks needed a place to live,” Bethany wrote on her blog post about the project. “Ideally, someplace not on the floor.”

Bethany decided that although the corner where her sons threw their backpacks didn’t look good while the floor was covered, it was actually the perfect spot to organize her sons’ stuff.


She decided to make what she calls the “backpack wall,” and it’s so smart!

She started the project by taking measurement for how wide she would want her backpack organizer to be. When she had that figured out, she cut off the baseboard so she could create space for the new built-in creation!


When that was done, Bethany cut pieces of wood to create her batten wall and started to screw them in place.


“Now that everything’s up, putty the screw holes and seams, and let dry,” Bethany wrote on her blog post about the step following installing all the boards. “Then, sand it down.”

At this point, the random boards on the wall do look a little out of place in the corner, but after she paints them the project really comes to life.

She taped off the edges of her batten wall and then painted it with a layer of primer first.


Then, she decided for her three top squares on the wall she would do something different.

“I’ve taped off the inner squares because I’ve decided chalkboard paint would go perfectly here,” Bethany wrote.

After adding a couple layers of chalkboard paint to the squares, she also decided it would look great on the wall to the left of her new creation, solidifying the look of the whole corner!


Once that was done, the only step left was to add hooks, one for each of her sons to hang their backpacks from.

Bethany also decided to put a large picture above the batten wall to complete the space!


The end result is gorgeous, and it was such a good use of space that would otherwise go untouched (except from messes).

Find more details about the project here.

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