She Hated How Things Fall Through Her Wire Shelf So She Lay A Towel Down. But She Hated The Towel Too So She Asked For A More Permanent Solution


She was tired of using the ugly towel on top of her wire shelf. She just wanted a shelf that did its job! And now it does, thanks to her great idea!


Oftentimes the cheapest solution for a problem leaves something to be desired.

For example, a simple wire shelf from a box store may be a quick solution when first moving in to a new home, but after a while, it will become readily apparent that it’s not the most functional shelving option.

Erin from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry had one of these wire shelves in her laundry room. She hated it because things fall through the thin wires, and bulky items don’t sit straight on the shelf. So for the past five years, Erin had simply laid a towel on top of the wire shelving, which helped with things falling through the cracks, but still didn’t solve all the problems—not to mention it was plain hideous.

She had a limited budget, so she knew replacing the shelving was out of the question. Her original plan was to build a plywood overlay that mimics a wood shelf, but then she realized you have to buy the whole piece of plywood and that would be expensive too!

So she got lucky and found some cedar fence posts that were lightweight and cheap.

It worked perfectly! Not only did it look a thousand times better, it was also a thousand times more functional than before!

To see the final results, go to her blog here!

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