She Made A Shelf To Put In The Tiny Gap Next To The Fridge, And It's So Useful


Instead of wasting the few extra inches of space next to her fridge, she made it into the smallest pantry ever!


Everyone is always looking for new ways to add storage to the home. For some reason, no matter how much storage space you think you have, there’s always a place where you could use a little bit more.

Then, there’s those areas so small that you don’t think would be useful for anything. But, if you have a few inches on either side of your refrigerator, you’d be wrong to think it’s not big enough to fit anyways.

Heather from Laptops to Lullabies shared her project with The Chronicle Herald of how she made a slide-out pantry for her spices and boxes. And, she keeps it in that little fridge gap!

Laptops to LullabiesLaptops to Lullabies

“You never hear anyone say, ‘Oh, I have so much cabinet space, and I really don’t know what to do with these empty drawers,’ Heather wrote on her post about the project.

To make her slide-out pantry, the first thing Heather did was measure how much room she had in the tiny space to see how wide she could make it.

“We decided it should be exactly the height of the fridge, taking into consideration that it would be standing on rolling casters, and that it should be just as deep as the fridge so it held as much as possible,” Heather wrote.

Laptops to LullabiesLaptops to Lullabies

Then, she bought wooden boards and cut them to the measurements needed along with cutting five shelves that would go across the pantry.

From that point, Heather got some help from her husband Michael assembling the whole thing.

“Michael quickly cut and assembled the outer shell, which was just a very tall rectangle,” she wrote on her post. “Then he cut 1X4 boards to fit on the inside as support for five shelves.”

Laptops to LullabiesLaptops to Lullabies

After everything was nailed into place, they attached wheels to the bottom and stained the whole thing to give it a finished look.

When the stain had finished drying, the only thing left to add was a handle to the side of the rolling pantry so that it could easily be pulled out and pushed back.

“And then it was time for the most exciting part of all -- sliding it in its spot next to the fridge and loading it up with groceries,” Heather wrote on her post.

Laptops to LullabiesLaptops to Lullabies

The end result is gorgeous, and it’s perfect for holding spices and other items. Plus, it makes them way easier to find than keeping everything on a crowded, dark shelf.

Find more details about the project here.

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