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She Melted Blue JOLLY RANCHERS And Used Them With APPLES To Make THIS! The Result? SWEET!


She pulled all the blue candies out of the Jolly Rancher bag and melted them in the oven to make THIS fun dessert!


Melting Jolly Ranchers isn’t probably the first idea that comes to mind when you think of making a dessert, but now it will be!

Jennifer from the blog, iSave A to Z, shared how she came up with an idea to make candied apples that are inspired by Disney’s “Frozen,” and she used Jolly Ranchers to do it!

“As I shopped for the Jolly Ranchers I remembered the beautiful blue colored candies in every bag,” Jennifer wrote on her blog post about the recipe. “I immediately thought of the latest craze for Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie. Voila! Inspiration hit me.”

The first thing Jennifer did was poke her apples with Popsicle sticks to prep them for dipping.

Then, she unwrapped her blue hard candies and put them in an oven-safe dish.


Jennifer decided to try melting the candies down to a liquid by baking them in the oven.

“I bumped the temperature up to 350 degrees,” she wrote. “It took about 10 minutes before the candies really started to melt.”

Stirring with a fork, she said she checked on the melted sweets every few minutes to make sure they didn’t overcook.

“If the candy is hard to lift when you are testing it, you need to bake longer,” Jennifer wrote. “It should be the consistency of syrup.”

Once the candy had melted, Jennifer took it out of the oven and added some white food coloring to it to get more of a glassy look.

She also added edible glitter to hers to really get the “Frozen” look.


Then, as quickly as possible, she started dipping her apples into the mixture and then laying them onto a greased cookie sheet.

“If you find the candy is cooling and getting stiff, just put it back in the oven to heat it up again until you get the consistency you need,” Jennifer wrote. “I actually put it back in the oven between apple dips.”

The result is so cute! If you don’t have any “Frozen” lovers in your house, any other flavor of Jolly Rancher would work just as well!


“I have tons of Jolly Rancher candies left over and I can’t wait to make more with the other colors,” Jennifer wrote. “I’m thinking the red ones would be good for the holidays.”

How fun! Find the full recipe here.

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