She Needed A Backsplash For Her Kitchen But Didn’t Want To Use The Traditional Tile Method. So When She Saw A Sale On Flooring, She Had A Brilliant Plan


Who says that a kitchen backsplash has to be boring white tile? Not this DIYer! Check out her insane idea for a cheap and beautiful backsplash!


Plank walls and shiplap walls have risen in popularity recently. Their natural rustic charm lends just a touch of the outdoors to your home, while also instilling a sense of nostalgia.

Wood looks good anywhere in the home! They’re great as movable furniture pieces such as tables and bed frames, and they look just as good on the walls as they do underfoot!

Katie from Bower Power needed to protect the drywall in her basement kitchen. She thought about tiling the walls, which is the most popular way of doing a backsplash, but then she saw some wood laminate flooring go on sale at the store.

After some quick math, she realized it would be way cheaper to use the flooring as a backsplash for her basement kitchen than it would be to use the traditional tile method!

First, they marked all the studs in the wall. They figured they could tack the flooring pieces into the studs, and then they wouldn’t have to use any additional glue. So if the time ever came to remove the laminate flooring, they could do so easily without ruining the drywall underneath.

Bower Power

Katie knew she definitely did not want a seam behind the kitchen sink, because of how it would attract water and other gross things that would eventually grow. So she made the first seam just off to the side of the sink.

She cut the laminate with a combination of a miter saw, a jigsaw, and a table saw. She used the miter saw for straight cuts, and the other two for any curved or corner cuts, like around the kitchen sink.

Make sure to lay the laminate so the tongue is facing toward the ceiling. Use a rubber mallet to knock the groove over the tongue of the board underneath.

Bower Power

Then, she used a simple brad nailer to tack the board into the stud. Two entire walls, even up around the cabinets, only cost about $60!

The backsplash is easy to clean, and Katie hasn’t had any problems! She also made sure to acclimate the laminate for several weeks before installing it. And she also added a clear silicone caulk to protect the edges and where the nails went into the wall.

See her amazing kitchen walls here.

Bower Power

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