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She Painted A PVC PIPE And Put It On Her BATHROOM Counter! Her Reason? Every Girl Needs THIS!


She picked up the supply from the hardware store and uses it in a way you’d never expect!


If you’re wondering why anyone would spend time making a PVC pipe look so adorable, stay tuned, because the reason is totally worth it.

Popular YouTuber Remi Ashten shared how she used the piping she picked up from the hardware store to make the cutest holder to store her blow dryer and straightener!

This particular shape of PVC piping is actually perfect size for the standard size beauty appliances, and it’s stable enough to stand up on its own on a bathroom counter.

So, all Remi had to do to make it bathroom-ready was give it a cuter look!

She started with the basic, black pipe that she bought from a big box hardware store for about $4.


In addition, she also bought a can of spray paint. You can also buy a separate can of primer if there isn’t already one included in the paint you bought.


After making sure it was clean and all the price tags were off, Remi then painted the whole thing a fun shade of aquamarine.


To really complete the look, for this project Remi made sure that she painted both the inside and the outside of the piece -- making sure to cover up all the black.

Once the paint had dried, Remi decided to give it a little extra flair by first painting the edges with a decent size layer of Mod Podge.


Before the glue had time to dry, she sprinkled white glitter over it to glam up the organizer.


When everything was completely dry, the only thing left to do was find a spot for it in the bathroom.


Then Remi put her appliances into their respective slots in the pipe, and they fit perfectly!


Now she has the perfect way to keep the appliances from getting tangled and taking up space on the bathroom counter without having to throw them in a drawer every single day.

There also great to keep the hot beauty tools out of reach when you want to keep them on but not in a spot that you’ll accidentally bump.

If you wanted, you could make a few sets of them for all your supplies like curling irons also, or maybe even a can of hairspray would fit into the large slot!

Watch the full video below for the complete tutorial and other fun ideas!

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