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She Put Refrigerated Biscuit Dough Into The Skillet And Dumped Cheese On Top To Make The Best Pull-Apart Snack


Adding cheese and bacon to this pre-made dough and throwing it all in the skillet makes the tastiest biscuits.


Adding cheese and bacon makes everything tastes better, but that is especially true when it comes to this biscuit recipe.

Jenny from Picky Palate shared her genius way of making biscuits using the skillet instead of the oven, and it turned out amazing!

Plus, by using just a few ingredients, including refrigerated biscuit dough, preparation is a piece of cake!

“This recipe is so simple, but you will have everyone fooled, trust me,” Jenny wrote on her blog post about the recipe.

She started by opening up the can of pre-made dough, which she placed in the bottom of a cast iron skillet.


“If you do not have one, a small baking dish will work too,” Jenny wrote on the post.

Also before getting started, Jenny coated the bottom and sides of her skillet with a generous layer of melted butter so that nothing would stick, making for an easy clean up.

On top of the dough, she layer slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, adding that shredded cheese would work as well if that is what you happen to have on hand.

Over the cheese went chopped up pieces of bacon that she pre-cooked. This would be an awesome way to get rid of leftover bacon from yesterday’s breakfast.

Then, of course over the bacon went even more cheese, this time shredded cheddar.


Once the bacon and cheeses were added, the whole skillet went into the oven to make for about 20 minutes until everything was melted and the biscuits looked golden brown.

The result is delicious, pull apart biscuits that have a little extra flavor than they would just coming straight out of the packaging and into the oven.

Plus, they are a great side dish to breakfast or dinner -- whatever time of day you’re craving these yummy treats.


Don’t be afraid to experiment and add more flavors that you think would pair well with the bacon and cheeses.

Find the full recipe here.

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