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She Put Three Old End Tables Side-By-Side To Make THIS! When She's Finished? AMAZING!


Instead of sending the old end tables to the dump, she cleaned them off and did THIS! Now? GORGEOUS!


You'd be surprised at how well you can transform old pieces of furniture into completely new treasures, and you don't even have to be a pro to do it!

Vickie Williams from Gypsy Barn shared her simple project of how she took three, semi-matching end tables and connected them to make one large, gorgeous dresser for her home!

The furniture was on its way to the dump when Vickie rescued it, took it home, and worked her magic on the destroyed tables!

"They were in rough, rough shape," Vickie wrote on her blog post about the project. "Scratched, dinged, engraved with lovely little doodles."

She was up for the challenge, though, and started the project by removing all of the metal hardware, taking out the drawers, and assessing all of the damage.


Next, Vickie washed off all the dirt and grime and sanded down the wood to get to finish off.

Finally, it was time to connect the three tables together.

"One table was a smidge shorter than the others," Vickie wrote. "I added a thin strip of wood to the bottom to raise it up high enough to match the other two. Then wood glue, clamp, and screw until your tables are joined."


Throughout the process, Vickie had to make a few repairs on the tables to make their structures stronger, which included removing a couple of the drawers that had broken. She also took off all the tops to make one, new dresser top to go across all three tables.

After creating the new top and staining it, she set it aside so she could finish the dresser. She added wood fill to all the cracks that had developed over the years, primed it, and then painted it a beautiful shade of grey.


When all the paint and stain had dried, it was time to attach the new top to the tables and pick out new hardware to update the piece.

As a finishing touch, Vickie also decided to add a baseboard that matched the top of the dresser and wraps around the sides of the tables.


The end result is so gorgeous, and it's such a fun way to update furniture that otherwise would have been thrown out for now reason!

Find more details about the project here.

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