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She Spread Cream Cheese On Plastic Wrap And Layered It With Salami! After She Rolls It? SO GOOD!


This three ingredient appetizer is easy to make and great for a crowd. Read to find out how it’s done!


In search for a good appetizer? Even if you’re not planning a party, this salami and cream cheese roll-up is the perfect snack to make!

The bloggers from Muchtaste shared the yummy recipe for this perfect dish, and it is so easy to make!

“My sister-in-law, Anisa, makes these appetizers for almost every family gathering we have,” she wrote. “They are so good, I have to force myself to stop eating them!”

First, take a block of cream cheese and let it soften for a little bit so it’s easier to spread.

Then, place the cheese onto a sheet of plastic wrap and layer one of the same size on top.

Take a rolling bin and use it to spread the block into a large rectangle in between the two layers of plastic.


“Watch the edges of the cream cheese as it rolls out because the top wrap can work its way under the cheese,” the blogger wrote. “To avoid this, occasionally pull the wrap off and replace it to continue rolling the cheese into a rectangle.”

After you have a thin layer of cheese, take off the top piece of plastic and start layering rows of salami on top of the cheese, overlapping them.

“Lightly press the salami into the cream cheese to make it stick,” she wrote.

Next, put the top layer of plastic wrap back on -- this time over the salami -- and carefully flip the whole thing over so that the cheese is now on top.

Remove the plastic that is covering the cheese and then add your filling on top. For theirs, they used green peppers, but if you wanted to have a little more of a kick you could try pepperoncinis or even jalapenos.

After that is added, start on one end and roll the the whole thing up tightly.


“Roll the meat log and press the outer layers tight to hold it all together,” she wrote.

After refrigerating it for at least six hours, the appetizer was ready to cut.

Cut thinly, the salami and cheese roll becomes the perfect topping for crackers!


Find the full recipe here.

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