She Takes Just The Inside Of A Large Embroidery Hoop To Make The Trendiest Piece For Spring


Once you learn how to make this easy piece, you’ll be able to customize it any way you dream!


This is going to be one of the trendiest pieces this spring, so get a head start on it now! It’s so easy to make, and easily customizable no matter if you have fresh blooms in the yard, or would rather use mess-free fake flowers.

Julie at Less Than A Perfect Life of Bliss demonstrates how a floral hoop wreath can make a big impact in the home. These beautiful decorations also make a big splash at parties and weddings, and because they’re so easy to make, you’ll be able to hang one for every occasion!

Julie took a large embroidery hoop and a greenery garland from Hobby Lobby. You can also improvise with a wooden hoop from IKEA, fake flowers, or even fresh flowers and greenery with long stems!

In this case, Julie only used the inside of the embroidery hoop, the part without the metal hardware. Her kids then used the outer hoop to teach their dog some new tricks!

She doubled the greenery garland onto itself, which gives a fuller look and more coverage. She laid it over one half to two-thirds of the embroidery hoop and used thin floral wire to attach them together.

Less Than A Perfect Life of Bliss

Then Julie added a little does of happiness to her project! She took a gold glitter “happy” from her New Year’s banner and looped some string through it.

She attached the other ends of the string to the hoop like a swing and hung up the whole hoop with a thick ribbon.

One reader called it “elegantly understated,” but if the modern, barely there aesthetic isn’t for you, feel free to load it up with more greenery and bright flowers!

There are so many ways to customize a floral hoop wreath and make it your own. You can color coordinate to whatever occasion you’re celebrating, and even show off the blooms from your very own garden!

See how Julie made her floral hoop wreath here.

Less Than A Perfect Life of Bliss

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