She Tosses 6 Ingredients Into Her Rice Cooker To Make This Healthy, Tasty Pasta Dish


If you’re ever in such a time crunch that you can’t even afford to stand watch over a boiling pot of water and stirring pasta for nine minutes, this recipe was seriously made just for you.


Everyone knows a watched pot never boils, so if you simply can't be bothered to wait for your pot of water to boil just to make some pasta, toss everything into your rice cooker instead. This Rice Cooker Pasta and Veggies recipe is completely hands off. You just need to toss everything in, then take everything out once it's done.

Margaret from Veggie Primer makes hers vegan-friendly and gluten-free, but even then, she describe this recipe as, "a tasty meal you can make with minimal effort and it’s easy to keep the ingredients on hand."

Here's how you can make this healthy recipe at home.

Thaw 16-20 oz of frozen vegetables, as well as 1 cup frozen spinach. You can either microwave them per the instructions on the bag (or 4-6 minutes, until completely thawed), or let them out to sit.

If you're microwaving them, stir once to help the heat distribute evenly.

In your rice cooker, add 48 oz pasta sauce, 16 oz dried pasta, 3 cups water, and all of the thawed vegetables. Stir to mix, then close the rice cooker and cook on the "white rice" setting. This should be about 40 minutes total.

Veggie Primer

At the 20 minute mark, you'll want to check on your pasta and stir it around a bit, for consistency of cooking. When you're done, close the cooker and let it continue doing its work.

When the time is completely up, stir the pasta again and serve with a healthy sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

Veggie Primer


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