She Turned A Boring White Door Into A Bright Statement Piece. Now It’s A Corner Shelf That Gives Her Home A Unique Look!


It’s just a simple, boring, old door until she has this amazing idea! Now it brightens up the whole room, and all her guests are automatically drawn to it!


Old doors may look useless, but they can actually be made into tons of amazing and beautiful things! Repurposing these giant pieces of wood saves the environment from yet another piece of waste, while also giving your home a unique and personalized look!

Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous turned this plain, boring white door into an “focal point/statement piece.”

First, she removed the gold hinges from the side, as the door won’t be attached to anything on that edge anymore. Fill in the holes if you wish, and sand down the rough edges.

Using a circular saw, cut the door in half lengthwise. It’s important to get this part right, because you won’t be able to try again if you make a mistake! So draw lines and measure twice!

Use clamps to secure the two door pieces at a 90 degree angle. You may need to ask someone to help you with this step as well!

Linda held the two pieces together with metal L brackets. She put in five of these 90 degree brackets at the back of the door.

Cut out four shelves from particle board. Measure the door width first to make sure they’ll fit. Linda rounded the corners of her shelves, but the door shelf would look just as great with square shelves!

She held the shelves in place with two metal L brackets under each one.

When you’re done screwing everything into place, sand down any rough places with 200 grit sandpaper.

Linda also decided to replace the original doorknob with a fancy vintage-inspired one. So she removed the original doorknob before painting the whole door shelf.

She originally painted the door white with a brown wash over it for a distressed and worn look.

Craftaholics Anonymous

But later on, Linda went bold and painted the door shelf with two cans of turquoise spray paint! She added the gorgeous vintage doorknob piece and now it sits perfectly in her corner, collecting compliments from everyone!

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Craftaholics Anonymous

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