She Used Shaving Cream And Food Coloring To Make Gorgeous Marbled Stationery—And It Was So Easy!


She didn’t believe it would be this easy to marble her own paper with these two items--but it really is!


Have you ever lusted over those insanely beautiful marbled stationery at the store? Well that gorgeous pattern doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag!

Erica at Honestly WTF figured out how to marble her own paper and envelopes with items from her kitchen and bathroom! She wrote, “It seemed either too complicated to try or too good to be true.” But as she completed the project, Erica found that it’s ridiculously easy to marble your own paper with shaving cream and food coloring.

It’s important to use heavy weight paper with texture so that they don’t crumble in the shaving cream. Erica used Paper Source’s Lux White 5x7 notecards and envelopes.

Erica starts by taping off the backside of the paper with painter’s tape or washi tape. That will ensure the marbling pattern doesn’t bleed onto the backside.

Next, spray a thick, even layer of shaving cream into a baking dish that’s large enough to easily fit your biggest paper or envelope. Put a few drops of food coloring into the shaving cream.

She used gel food coloring, but Erica says liquid food coloring will work just fine!

With a rubber baking spatula, gently fold the shaving cream to incorporate the color. But don’t overmix or you’ll lose the beautiful swirls of color.

Honestly WTFHonestly WTF

Once the base color is swirled, Erica recommends this optional step: add additional colors with a toothpick or wooden skewer. Just dab the stick in the second color and swirl it around in a few different areas. If you don’t want the colors to mix or muddle, don’t overmix.

Erica wrote, “Your pattern doesn’t have to be perfect—don’t worry about ‘marbling’ the shaving cream too much. It will do all its marbling magic on its own.”

Once the shaving cream and food coloring are mixed, place the paper onto the shaving cream, tape side up. Gently press the paper down into the shaving cream so that it all makes contact with the shaving cream.

Honestly WTFHonestly WTF

Don’t let the paper sit for too long or it will get too wet. Carefully lift the paper out of the shaving cream by one corner of the paper.

Place it on a paper towel and grab a plastic or metal ruler. From one corner, sweep the shaving cream off the paper in one clean motion.

Honestly WTFHonestly WTF

Wipe away any excess shaving cream with another paper towel, and set it aside to dry.

The shaving cream can be reused with just another couple of folds with the spatula. And if there’s too much color, you can always add more cream, or vice versa if there’s too much white space.

When all the stationery has dried, flatten them out under some heavy books. Get more instructions here.

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