She Uses 3 Simple Ingredients To Make A Copycat Version Of This Beloved Trader Joe's Snack


Ever since we started making this recipe at home, we haven’t been able to stop. We always find ourselves starting a new batch just before we finish the prior — and the cycle never ends.


Like everyone else, we're huge fans of Trader Joe's snacks. From their seasonal products to their dried fruit and chips aisle, we love every single one of their products. One of our favorites though, are their frozen, chocolate-covered banana bites: Gone Bananas.

The only bad thing about this Trader Joe's product is that the box is so small and you run out so quickly. Sue from The View from Great Island said it best, "Why buy something in frustratingly small boxes when you can make them yourself?"

Sue's Copycat Trader Joe's Gone Bananas recipe taste "just like ice cream, and the chocolate shell is rich and crunchy. Since you're making them yourself you can use your favorite chocolate." She prefers dark, but you can feel free to use milk or white as well!

Here's how you can make it at home.

Slice 1 banana (or several) and place the slices on a large tray or plate. Put the tray into the freezer and wait until the bananas are frozen solid. It will take about an hour, or longer if you cut more than one banana.

As you wait, pour 1 generous cup of chocolate chips (flavor of your choosing) and 2 tablespoons coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl.

Heat for 30 seconds, then stir.

If the chocolate hasn't completely melted, continue microwaving it in 15-second intervals and stir in between each heating. Don't overheat it!

When you're done, set the chocolate aside and let it cool completely.

While you wait, tear out a large sheet of parchment or waxed paper and lay out over another tray or plate.

Once the bananas are frozen, dip them into the cooled chocolate mixture and coat on all sides. Sue advises you to use a fork to hold the banana slice, and then use a spoon to drizzle chocolate all over.

The View from Great Island

Let any excess chocolate drip back into the bowl, then set the slice down onto the prepared parchment paper.

When you're finished, put the chocolate-covered slices back in the freezer and wait until it completely hardens.

Enjoy when you'd like, and keep them stored in a Ziploc freezer bag for freshness!

The View from Great Island

You can find the original recipe here.

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