She Uses Chicken Wire To Make Giant Christmas Light Balls For The Yard And Everyone Comes By To Marvel At Them


Give the neighbors something amazing to look at with this festive project!


With Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially time to give way to Christmas! Hang up the stockings and put up the Christmas tree, but save some Christmas lights for this fun project for the front yard!

Holly at Christmas Lights Etc. makes these giant Christmas light balls, and they’re a huge hit! They’re unique and totally ramp up the festivity of the season.

To create a 2’ Christmas light ball, all you need is some chicken wire, small wire cutters, gloves, measuring tape, and LED lights.

First, roll out the chicken wire and measure the dimensions. To create a sphere, it must be twice as long as it is wide, so Holly used chicken wire that was 2’ by 4’.

Cut the chicken wire according to the measurements and then place the two cut sides together. Connect the sides by twisting the wires together.

Christmas Lights Etc.Christmas Lights Etc.

Now that you have a cylinder of chicken wire, it’s time to begin shaping it into a sphere.

Start by pushing the cylinder’s sides together and twisting the wire together. Pleat the wire, like you would with fabric, and the round shape should start taking form.

Christmas Lights Etc.Christmas Lights Etc.

Twist the wire together to hold the shape and trim the excess. You can continue to sculpt the ball to make it more spherical by pushing in the curves.

Once the ball is shaped, take a string of lights and begin wrapping the ball. Keep the male plug exposed so you can power your creation!

Wrap the lights in and out of the ball to secure it. When you’ve reached the end of the first string, simply plug in another string of lights. Holly recommends one 70ct 5mm LED light string for every 1 foot of diameter. For the 2’ ball, she used 3 LED light strings to make it extra bright.

Once you’ve wrapped all the lights you want, it’s ready to place in the yard and be plugged in! The Christmas light balls look especially amazing when you have a couple of them together. Get more details on this project here.

Christmas Lights Etc.Christmas Lights Etc.

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